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b-ready afterschool program

The B-READY Afterschool Program is a joint ministry between Church of St. Augustine and St. Martin and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

The program runs afternoons during the school year and is open to elementary school aged children.


B-SAFE's Elementary School LEARN Program

LEARN stands for Leadership, Enrichment, Academics, Recreation and
Nurture.  As part of the B-SAFE's LEARN program, children rotate through
academic and enrichment activities on Monday through Thursday
mornings.  The two academic programs that are offered include Word
(reading and writing) and the Numbers Club (math.)  Enrichment classes
include art, computer training, music, and dance.  In addition, children also
have 30 minutes of “Drop Everything and Read!” (DEAR) time each day.

The B-SAFE LEARN program also features a variety of outdoor activities
and games under the direction of a site Recreation Director.  Two
afternoons a week, children from each site go on a local Boston-based field
trip. Each Friday, children go on a full day field trip outside of the city.

A healthy lunch and snack are served each day.

For more information on the program please go to St. Stephen's website:

*B-SAFE stands for the Bishop's Summer Academic and Fun Enrichment program